One of the most important considerations for many businesses is how best to protect their property and assets. Security systems can differ enormously, and in order to choose the best security system for business use, it’s always a good idea to understand the different options that are available to you and your company.

The main function of any security system is to try and prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your premises. While a basic alarm system will alert anyone nearby if you do suffer a break in, a better approach is to stop anyone getting into your property in the first place. One of the best ways of achieving this is by installing some kind of access control security system.

What is access control?

Access control allows property owners to control exactly who is able to enter their premises and when. While this isn’t exactly a new concept – even a basic door lock could be viewed as a form of access control – the latest solutions use modern electronic devices to provide an effective security system for business keypad

From numeric keypads to the various types of access card systems and the more sophisticated biometric solutions, these devices all work in a similar way. The system secures the door electronically, and only when the right code is entered or authorized credentials are presented to the electronic reader will the lock be released to allow access.

While these systems are typically used to allow authorized personnel access outside of normal office hours, they can be useful for securing restricted areas within your business premises too. More sophisticated computer-based systems are also able to keep a log of when each access point is used, and by whom.

Alternative security solutions

Access control systems are just one of the choices available to business owners who need an effective way to secure their premises. Alternative solutions include monitored alarm systems, which alert the authorities or private security firms if there is a break in. Video surveillance equipment is another option, which acts as a significant deterrent and, if part of a monitored system, can even provide the opportunity to challenge an intruder before a break in occurs.

The complete security system for business users

On their own, any of the systems mentioned could provide your business with the protection needed to ward off most intruders, and with a good access control system installed, even those who are determined to gain access to your premises will find it much more difficult to do so. However, you might also want to consider combining some of the different security solutions that are designed to deter and detect unauthorized access, as your business will benefit from a much greater level of protection.

Prices for security systems for businesses

I purchased the ADT AccessGuard for $1399 + 34.99 monthly fee which allows us a record of who enters & how long they stay & if the gate is left open.

– Buyer from Manufacturing, Auburn, AL

We paid $8,000 for our system.

– Buyer from Manufacturing, Hayward, CA

I could not find a pre-built solution for my project. I’ve selected a company that will custom build a battery powered gate – access control system for around $75k for the 26 outdoor gates.

– Buyer from Owner’s Association, Sunriver, OR

Our business paid $6,000 for our access control system.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Lake Forest, IL

What other businesses are looking for

We currently have an access control system managed by our business management group. We are looking to expand on that, bring the system in house and have the ability to generate daily report logs of entrance/exit activity.

– Financial Services, Wilmington, DE

This system is for a preschool and child care center with 1 entrance door (2 glass panels).

– Education, Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for a very basic, affordable security solution for entry to offices during business hours.

– Non-Profit, Portland, ME

Looking for a card access system plus security camera/recorder, for a small company with 3 inside doors, for less than 10 users.

– Manufacturing, Littleton, MA

Simple card entry system that can be locked open during working hours, and restricted to key access after hours. Single door. Three employees.

– Education, New York, NY

We are an English language school with high volume of student traffic – 30 to 150 students depending on the season taking classes at our school. We are moving into a new building and would like to discuss access options.

– Education, Miami Beach, FL

Our business is wanting to switch from using keys to using some form of card access system.

– Manufacturing, Cedar Park, TX

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