Once you’ve decided to install access control as part of your company’s security system, the next thing to consider is exactly what type of solution is going to be the most appropriate. It may help to check out the types of systems other businesses are looking for as well as what they paid.

Access control security systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each providing a different level of protection and some more suitable for particular locations. So when you’re looking to invest in this type of system, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you need:

Office security systems

If your offices share a building with a number of other businesses, or you just want to improve the security of certain locations within your building, a straightforward access control system should offer you the protection you need. A basic system will prevent any unauthorized access and also make sure only the appropriate personnel are allowed into sensitive areas within your premises.

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Building security systems

A more sophisticated access control system might be more appropriate if you are looking to secure an entire building, or even a group of buildings. A computer-based system can monitor a number of entrances and set different levels of access depending on the time of day and the access rights of each individual. As well as allowing you to keep track of who is entering your building, this type of system can also be combined with additional software for time and attendance purposes.

Complete security systems

If your security requirements extend beyond your offices, and you need to protect the area around your building, a complete security system that combines access control with other security systems might be necessary. Electronically controlled gates can help prevent unauthorized vehicular access, and installing a monitored video surveillance system could alert the authorities to any intruders before they get the opportunity to break in to your premises.

Different types of access control security systems

Access control systems provide your business with security that’s essential in this day and age; but as well as deciding what you need to protect, you also have to decide how well it needs protecting. There are varying levels of security associated with the following types of systems:

  • Numeric keypads – A basic and therefore inexpensive option, although you won’t be able to tell who is using each access point.
  • Proximity cards – Unique to each user, you will be able to tell who is using each of the entrances being controlled, which provides a higher level of security and monitoring.
  • Swipe cards – Similar to proximity cards, magnetic swipe cards, also provide a good degree of security and allow your company to monitor individual personnel entering and leaving your premises.
  • Biometric systems – Using fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition scanners makes it very hard for doors secured with this type of system to be accessed by anyone other than authorized personnel.

Many of the companies who offer these systems will also be able to combine different methods of access control for greater protection. For example, the combination of a keypad and swipe card access system may provide your organization with the additional security it needs.

Prices for access control security systems

$5,000 including software, two controllers for four doors, four door strikes, 100 cards, installation and training. A complete turn key system.

– Buyer from Business Services, Blacksburg, VA

$4,700 for 1 door controller, key cards, installation, and training for the software.

– Buyer from Business Services, Bellefontaine, OH

$9,500 – Access control and alarm system from Protection Plus.

– Buyer from Real Estate Industry, San Jose, CA

$1,287 for door keypad access control system. Did not purchase the service contract at this time –seemed a little pricey.

– Buyer from Retail Industry, Smithville, TX

Other buyers are looking for

I’m interested in a biometric door lock (fingerprint) for 2 locations in the DC area.

– Business Services, Olney, MD

We are looking for either a biometric and/or proximity card reader.

– Transportation/Logistics Industry, South San Francisco, CA

We would like to be able to monitor hours that our employees enter/exit using the access control system.

– Information Services, Phoenix, AZ

Collecting information on proximity and biometric security options for access control to and inside a building.

– Healthcare Industry, Topeka, KS

I am looking for an access control system which will monitor what staff are in a specific area. I have two or three points of entry to this area which would need to be covered. I would like the system to be network based.

– Government Agency, Fairton, NJ

I need to upgrade my current system. It must also be compatible with our company requirements and enable us to code/access other facility badges. I believe the rest of the company is using the Diamond II system.

– Business Services, Chula Vista, CA

We are moving into a new office space in April and would like to have a controlled access system installed for our main entrance. We need to be able to control employee access to our space.

– Financial Services, Lutherville Timonium, MD

I am looking for a system for a 16 unit high rise condo building. This system will replace an existing one. There are four doors but only one MUST be controlled. We are looking for suggestions as to the best type to use.

– Business Services, Birmingham, AL

Looking for a systems with access control through one turnstile using a biometric palm reader.

– Business Services, Oak Ridge, TN

Right now we have 2 clubhouses, 2 pools, tennis courts and an upstairs party room. We use keys but we are now looking for a better access control security system. This way if we have problems with our residents we can turn off their cards.

– Non-Profit, Lake Worth, FL