As well as controlling who has access to your offices, for a number of reasons you might also want to control who’s able to drive onto your property as well. Perhaps you want to provide an extra line of defense that will make it much harder for an intruder to break in to your premises, slowing them down enough to give the authorities a chance to respond, or deterring them altogether. Or it may be to prevent unauthorized individuals using your parking lot. Whatever the reasons, lots of businesses have found that gate security systems are one of the most effective ways of protecting their property.

Different levels of security

Depending on the area you are trying to protect, and what you’re trying to protect it from, there are a range of security gate systems you could invest in:

Low level security – For basic, low level protection a simple barrier system, like those found in many parking garages, might be appropriate. They aren’t designed to stop a determined intruder, but are a good way of preventing unauthorized vehicles access.

security gate

Medium level security – For a greater level of security, you may wish to consider the more sturdy electronic gate alternative. As well as keeping out any unwanted vehicles, this option also has the added benefit of preventing individuals from entering your grounds on foot too.

High level security – When you need the highest level of protection, heavy duty, high-strength barriers and bollards that are installed in the ground can rise up when needed, and are even capable of stopping small trucks.

Access control choices

Once you’ve decided on the level of security you need, you also need to think about the type of access controller you plan to use with your gate hardware.

  • Intercom: A popular choice for a lot of businesses but it does rely on someone being available to deal with visitors when they arrive at your gates.
  • Keypad: Keypad access removes the need to monitor individual visitors, although anyone who knows the pass code will be able to gain access, whether they’re meant to or not.
  • Access card: Offering a greater level of security, only those with a swipe or proximity card will be allowed access, and you’ll also be able to tell when the gate was used and by whom.

As with your offices, when your business is considering installing an access control gate, the ideal solution may actually be a combination of the above control methods. Whatever your requirements, there are enough specialist suppliers to make sure you get the security and protection you need.

Prices for gate security systems

We went with the Honeywell gate lock system with access card.

– Buyer from Home Owner’s Association, Dawsonville, GA

Symmetry system cost us $3,600.

– Buyer from Financial Services, Saint Paul, MN

Our system cost us $4,600, all inclusive.

– Buyer from Transportation/Logistics, Indianapolis, IN

The full access control system for our business was $9,985.

– Buyer from Manufacturing, Fergus Falls, MN

Other people are looking for

We are a mining operation and require a new access control system at our entry gate that includes key pads and barrier arms. NO card readers, RFID, or other needed, only key pads.

– Business Services, Gillette, WY

This is for a neighborhood securing access to the clubhouse and pool gates to residents with key cards only.

– Real Estate Industry, Atlanta, GA

We are a 440 garden apartment complex and we are looking to put a system on our pool gate.

– Real Estate Industry, Lincoln Park, NJ

This facility is a shipyard and we need access control at the main gate which requires some type of controlled access for vehicle traffic going in and out of the shipyard.

– Computers – Hardware, Richmond, TX

Need a key card locking system on a rolling entrance gate. Members who’s dues are not current should not be able to open the gate. Therefore, the issued cards must be able to be updated when necessary.

– Non-Profit, Orange Park, FL

We are a townhouse community with 94 homes on site. Need access control for pool gates.We want a card entry system that will give us the ability to pull reports on a daily basis to monitor entry to the pool area.

– Non-Profit, Coconut Creek, FL

Looking for a card access control system for our subdivision’s swim and tennis facility – two gates.

– Non-Profit, Marietta, GA

We are a townhome development seeking estimates for a one-arm gate to prevent outsiders from using our large-item dumpster location. Home owners would enter by means of a swipe card.

– Business Services, Warminster, PA