There are a wide variety of different swipe card systems available on the market, so you should be able to find a solution that will suit your needs, no matter how big or small your business.

Whether you decide on an ‘off the shelf’ package or a customized installation, here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a system:

  • Flexibility – You might not have any current plans to expand your offices, but that could change in the future. When you’re looking at card swipe systems make sure they have the capacity to accommodate extra access points without too many problems, ideally one at a time if possible.magnetic cards
  • Additional features – As well as controlling access to your premises, swipe card systems can be integrated with other security and operations functions. Alarm monitoring that will take action if an intruder does get in, and software that will track time and attendance for your employees, might be additional features you want to consider.
  • Software – Combining your swipe card system with the right software will make it much easier to manage your system on a day to day basis. From adding and removing personnel, to changing access rights and generating useful reports, specifically designed access control software is essential.
  • Building code – Controlling all the entrances to your premises means you’ll also be controlling all the exits. You might want to check with the relevant authorities that your planned access control installation will be up to code and meet the necessary fire and safety regulations.
  • Warranties – Access control is only effective if it works. If it fails it could keep authorized personnel out, or even worse, let intruders in. Reliable equipment with the appropriate warranties will help to make sure your system is always doing its job, and that it gets fixed if there’s ever a problem.

Choosing a supplier for your swipe card system

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing who you purchase your access control system from – whether you go with a national brand such as ADT, ASG or Stanley Convergent, or you decide to go with a local company. Your decision on which security system your business should go with might depend on the size of your company and your budget:

Small businesses – If your requirements are quite small or you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive solution, you can purchase and install an ‘off the shelf’ system. From door locks to swipe card readers that include software to run the system – these kits contain everything most small businesses would need and most suppliers will even provide telephone support to help with the installation.

Medium/large businesses – For bigger organizations that require more complex solutions, there are a large number of specialized access control companies that will take care of designing and installing the ideal system. Make sure the supplier carries out an onsite inspection, so the system you invest in will be specifically designed to meet all your requirements. Also ask if it’s possible to visit the location of similar installations they’ve completed, to help you choose the best supplier for your business.

Prices for swipe card systems

We went with the Lorex system for $900.

– Buyer from Non-Profit, Lebanon, PA

We paid just under $23,000 for CCTV dvrs and web hosted access control system and componets, new computer, training, and transfer of our data base.

– Buyer from Business Services, Atlanta, GA

7 Doors, 9 Motion Sensors, 12 Window Mic hatch, 2 rolls doors and access software cost us $16,000.

– Buyer from Computers – Software, San Jose, CA

$2,000 per controlled door is what we were charged.

– Buyer from Education, Colorado Springs, CO

What other people are looking for

This system would be for a Rec Center, and we want to be able to use membership cards for access.

– Healthcare Industry, Baggs, WY

The systems should be able to run the log report in Excel format, and we should be able to enable or disable card keys based on our employee category.

– Consulting Firm, Naperville, IL

We want our employees to be able to use a swipe card to enter and exit 3 exterior doors while tracking time both in the office and out.

– Construction/General Contracting, Westminster, MD

Need to be able to auto-activate a magnetic card for entry into a building. A system that would do this based on a payment to an account would be great.

– Business Services, Phenix City, AL

I need a back door to be secure. I would like for everyone who enters/exit to use a swipe card that would unlock/open a back door.

– Education, Baton Rouge, LA

We are interested in pricing on installation of a swipe card door access control system for an interior office with one entry door and 14 key cards currently needed. Thank you!

– Computers – Software, Minneapolis, MN

Main door to our office needs to be secured and we would like to use a swipe card reader system.

– Financial Services, Wayne, NJ

We want a card access door entry system for round the clock gym access so members can get in at all hours.

– Business Services, Zoar, OH